Photography Reflections for This Week

I remember reading Chase Jarvis' Shake your tree today post from last year.  I decided to search for it again and see if I need to shake my tree this week, at least this month.  Check out the post here.  I will try to look at it either every two weeks or every month and commit to something based on that post.  Here is one thing that I will commit for this year (hopefully, if my wife read this, she will be happy with this decision not to spend more money on another camera gear.  Love you, Dear!)

#9. Remind yourself that the gear you can't afford is not the barrier keeping you from success. Gear has very little to do with photography.
I have been looking for new camera body, even though my Nikon D40 has served me really well.  I was thinking of upgrading to Nikon D90.  With this reminder, I decided that I will not upgrade my camera body at least for this year (unless the unfortunate thing happen to my Nikon D40).