PAUCA Bash [Harrisburg, PA Event Photographer]

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my friend to take photos for Pennsylvania United Cricket Association (PAUCA) Bash/Award ceremony.  I accepted it not knowing what challenges will be ahead of me.  This was my first time being the event photographer.  Wow, what a different experience.  First, I didn't even ask how many people would be in the event.  I was surprised when I arrived there and see the number of tables and when I asked my friend, he told me there would be around 500 guests!!!  Second, I knew that the event won't start on time.  The published start time was 5pm.  The event itself started after 6pm.  My friend was not kidding when he said it was 5pm India standard time, meaning that the earliest it would start would be 5:30pm.  And trying to deal with bad lighting and not getting in the way of the video guy make it more challenging too.  But I think I get some decent photos.  I still have a lot to learn too and I am open to constructive criticism.  (Note: if you want to see the almost all of the images, go to PAUCA website and thenn go to Multimedia - Photos section)

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