Carlie [Hummelstown, PA Children Photography]

This is Carlie, Eden's older sister from the previous post. I will have to admit it was a challenge to shoot Carlie. She was very active. When I got in front of her, she would have turned around and ran to a different direction. It became more challenging with the harsh noon time sunlight. No excuse though. I need to be able to get the shots no matter what. I know her mom loves the results and that is good. And I keep learning and improving my skills.

Her friend, Adra was there too and I got some shots of them together.  I will post more photos of Adra on my next post.


CB said...

Stunning images on both accounts. I think you did a great job catching wonderful expressions with a story telling composition. And I didn't even notice any bad light so cudos there too.

Hasby Tanjung said...

Thanks, Chad. I really appreciate it.