Still Life Photography

Since I have not been taking portraits pictures other than portraits of my daughters, I decided to post some still life photos.

The photo below is a photo that I used for Hershey Camera Club print competition.  This is my first year in the camera club.

The next photo is a photo that I am planning to use for the next Hershey Camera Club photo competition.  


CB said...

Holy smokes H-Man, Rockin' photo. Location, lens, background, d90...do share!


Hasby Tanjung said...

Thanks, Chad!

No, it was not shot with D90. It was shot with my camera that I just sold today, D40. Shot this with D40 + 55-200mm lens, at 145mm f5.6 (widest I can get on this lens at that focal length). The base was the tile you left for me.

Lighting: Vivitar 283 camera right and white foam core on the left for reflection. Background was crumpled aluminum foil lit with SB-28 (forgot what was the power setting). I place the SB-28 on the floor pointing straight up to the aluminum foil, while my tomato was sitting on top of the tile place on side/coffee table.

The idea was lighting was not original. I saw this done before on flickr when I was still trying to do 365.