Haley [Hershey Portrait Photography]

This is my last post for photos from Hershey Camera Club model shoot.  It was a fun experience.  All the models were fun to work with.  I am ending this series with photos of Haley.


Angela [Hershey Portrait Photography]

This is part 3 of my photos from Hershey Camera Club Model Shoot.  Angela is actually a member of the camera club, but she volunteered to be the model for the shoot.


Kayte and Ayana [Hershey Portrait Photography]

Kayte and Ayana were two of the models at Hershey Camera Club Photo shoot last weekend.  Below are a few photos of them from the session.


Doug [Hershey, PA Portrait Photography]

I went to Hershey Camera Club Model Shoot last weekend. The photographers had a blast and I thought the models enjoy it too. I think the models will even enjoy it again once they got the photos. Over the next few days/weeks, I will be posting some of the best photos here.

I will start with Doug. He is actually a fellow photographer, not a model. He asked me to take a photo of him. Here are a few of the photos of him.