Hershey Camera Club Competition

I haven't blog for awhile, so I decided to post one of my entries for Hershey Camera Club print competition on 4/7/2011. It was the last competition of the year. The entry below got second place on Class B and pretty much forced me to move up to Class A next year due to the total points that I have received this year. I am actually looking forward to the challenge next year.

Since it was print competition, I can decide the orientation and for the competition, this was presented in horizontal format with the light coming from left to right. This was actually taken with my point and shoot camera at Baltimore Aquarium. And no, it wasn't that detail and the line was not that straight. You can see the original photo at the end of this post. Here are several things that I did to enhance the photo:
  • Saturation.  The color coming out of the camera is not as strong.
  • Straightening the lines.
  • Sharpening to bring out the lines and texture of the wall. Unfortunately, I don't remember what technique to sharpen the photo. I may have used either Unsharp Mask or High-Pass Filter.

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CB said...

Awesome shot. I love the geometry and the color.