I am Back

Wow, it has been quite awhile since i updated this blog. I have been busy organizing Help-Portrait event and getting all the prints and frames ready. It is almost done. We have delivered the photos to Bethesda Mission Men's and Women's shelter. We still have some additional 8x10 photos to be delivered to Women's shelter once I got the photos delivered to me.

Anyway, Help-Portrait Harrisburg, PA event @ Bethesda Mission Men's and Women's shelters was a huge success. Everyone involved had a wonderful time. Those that have the portraits taken were so excited about it.

I would however say that I receive more than what we give to them. Here is the video recap of Help-Portrait Harrisburg, PA.

You can also find out more information, such as press coverage information and what other volunteers have written by going to helpportraithbg.com


Help-Portrait Harrisburg

I am excited about Help-Portrait Harrisburg. This is the first time I actually organize this type of movement in my community/area/city. We got a good group of photographers and other volunteers, such as makeup artists that are going to join help-portrait harrisburg.

Anyone can be involved wherever you are. It is a worldwide movement. For Harrisburg, PA group, check out Help-Portrait Harrisburg website and/or community page.

What is Help-Portrait? Check out the video below.


Pelly - A young and talented musician! [Harrisburg, PA Photography]

I had a chance to take photos of Pelly yesterday during SVEFC (Susquehanna Valley Evangelical Free Church) Fusion/Ignition student ministries kickoff. I should try to take more of his photos since he seems to enjoy it. (note to pelly: let me know if you want me to take more photos of you and possibly your band mate)