Self Portrait and Warby Parker Review

I recently got a new pair of eyeglasses from Warby Parker.  The photo above is a self-portrait of me wearing my Warby Parker glasses.  I got Crosby frame in Revolver Black.  I came across Warby Parker while listening to NPR on my drive home from work.  I usually don't even listen to NPR, but that day I was bored with other options.  I am very satisfied with my experience with Warby Parker.  The quality of the glasses is pretty good.


Sisters' Love

Found this old picture from summer 2012.  I decided to process it with more vintage b&w feel.  I am sure I am bias on this, but I love this photo!


N & S playing with the snow in December 2012

These photos were taken back in December.  I processed it to look to have a more old film feel. While it may looks like instagram photos, these were not processed through instagram.

Another attempt at keeping this blog active

I am going to give it another shot to revive this blog.  I have not updated this blog for almost 2 years now.  Hopefully I will post new pictures soon.

To start, I has modified my blog template to minimalist format.  I have always try to keep my blog template very minimalist, but I felt my old template that is actually pretty minimalist is not simple enough.  This new template is mostly black and white. Unfortunately, I have not updated the mobile template to black and white format yet. That will be coming soon, once I started posting to this blog again.  Stay tuned...